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(people from Sweden) have are best in the world using English as a second language. This is according a new report into the of English around the world. The company Education First published the study. Its researchers tested two million people in 54 countries. They found that Swedes the list of countries with a "Very Proficiency" in English. The Danes finished on this list, by the Dutch, Finns and Norwegians.

The of Education First in Sweden, Mats Ulenius, the Swedish website "The Local" that: We are extremely that Swedes are the best in the world at English. One of the factors of our is that we begin with English education in school. Another is that we are exposed to a of English we travel a lot." He added: "Our TV programmes aren’t and we use the Internet a lot.” Mr Ulenius said a good knowledge of English the country's economy, exports and .


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