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Homes for sale in Italy for one euro
19th January - "Harder"
Why don't you buy a one-euro home on Sicily?
China grows plants on the moon
17th January - "Easier"
How important is it to grow plants on the moon and in space?
Saudi teen welcomed as refugee in Canada
15th January - "Harder"
Why are there so many asylum seekers around the world today?
Macedonia agrees to change its name
13th January - "Easier"
What do you think of your country's name?
Mastercard removes its name from its logo
11th January - "Harder"
How important is a compamy logo?
Eye tests available on your smartphone
9th January - "Easier"
What do you do to look after your eyes?
China first to land on dark side of the moon
7th January - "Harder"
How important is exploring the dark side of the moon?
The USA and Israel quit UNESCO
4th January - "Easier"
What do you think of UNESCO?
The year 2019 to be the best ever
1st January - "Harder"
What do you think 2019 will be like?
Japan chooses 'disaster' to describe 2018
28th December - "Easier"
How was 2018 for you?
US government shutdown over border wall
25th December - "Harder"
Should the wall be built and who should pay for it?
'Eco-warriors' blamed for UK airport shutdown
23rd December - "Easier"
How easy is it to use drones damage airports or other important facilities?
Woman to catch up with men's pay in 200 years
21st December - "Harder"
Will women and men ever be equal?
Train drivers in UK earn more than pilots
19th December - "Easier"
Should train drivers earn more than nurses and police officers?
New Sesame Street character highlights homelessness
17th December - "Harder"
How can we help homeless children feel less alone?
Ninja to help promote tourism in Japan
15th December - "Easier"
What do you know about ninja?
'Yellow Vests' protests to continue in France
13th December - "Harder"
What would make you protest in the streets?
Japan prepares for many foreign workers
11th December - "Easier"
Would you like more foreign workers helping your country?
UAE passport world's 'most powerful'
9th December - "Harder"
Should our passport allow us to enter any country visa-free?
Rare white reindeer photographed in Norway
7th December - "Easier"
Why do people associate reindeer with Christmas?
Court says 'Kiwi' is not a racist term
5th December - "Harder"
Should we stop using nicknames to refer to nationalities?
Algeria is the new 'cradle of civilization'
3rd December - "Easier"
Where did human society begin?
UN declares reggae a world cultural treasure
1st December - "Harder"
What do you think of reggae?
Work over 80 hours a week to change the world
29th November - "Easier"
What do you think of a 70-hour working week?
Dim the Sun to limit global warming, say scientists
27th November - "Harder"
Can we slow down global warming by dimming the Sun?
DNA could decide whether you like coffee or tea
25th November - "Easier"
Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Michelle Obama's book best-selling of 2018
23rd November - "Harder"
Would an autobiography of your life be a good book?
Conception to birth sculptures unveiled in Qatar
21st November - "Easier"
Is all art about making people think?
Elvis Presley gets Presidential Medal of Freedom
19th November - "Harder"
Who most deserves an award?

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