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Get a job riding a Harley-Davidson all summer
24th April - "Easier"
What is your dream job?
Swaziland changes its name to eSwatini
22nd April - "Harder"
How much do you like your country's name?
Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer Prize for music
20th April - "Easier"
Is Kendrick Lamar now the greatest rapper of all time?
Social media site reverses LGBT ban after outcry
18th April - "Harder"
Should social media sites be allowed to ban content?
Going to bed late shortens our life, says study
16th April - "Easier"
Is it better to be a night owl or an early bird?
Japan finds enough rare-earth metals to last 700 years
14th April - "Harder"
What happens when we've used up all of Earth's minerals?
France to help make Saudi Arabia's first opera house
12th April - "Easier"
How can we make opera and classical music more popular?
Former Brazilian president in jail
10th April - "Harder"
How can we stop leaders from becoming corrupt?
Iceland's First Lady wears charity-shop jacket
8th April - "Easier"
Should we all buy clothes from charity shops?
Seed vault now has over a million species
6th April - "Harder"
Should everyone have to grow some of their own food from seeds?
Children lack skill in holding pencils due to iPads
4th April - "Easier"
Is it better to write with a pencil or on a mobile device?
Robots to help us make our own furniture
2nd April - "Harder"
Would you like to design your own furniture?
Men to be NFL cheerleaders for first time ever
31st March - "Harder"
How important are cheerleaders?
China and Russia lead race to make hypersonic missiles
29th March - "Easier"
How dangerous could another arms race be?
Facebook apologizes after data breach
27th March - "Harder"
How worried are you about your personal information being stored online?
Fears over USA - China trade war
25th March - "Easier"
Who are the winners and losers in a trade war?
World's last male northern white rhino dies
23rd March - "Harder"
Should governments spend more money on conservation than weapons?
Stephen Hawking explained multiverses in final paper
21st March - "Easier"
How do you think our universe will end?
Calls for everyone in England to speak English
19th March - "Harder"
Should we all have to speak several languages?
U.S. student walkout to protest gun violence
17th March - "Easier"
What things would make you protest in the streets?
3D-printer homes to reduce homelessness
15th March - "Harder"
How can we tackle homelessness?
Disease X is a 'big risk' to the world
13th March - "Easier"
How worried are you about a killer virus spreading around the world?
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet
11th March - "Harder"
How will the talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un go?

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