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Anger over horse race ad on Sydney Opera House
10th October - "Harder"
Should the Sydney Opera House be used to advertise a horse race?
World-famous Tsukiji fish market closes
8th October - "Easier"
Should a historic market be demolished to build a car park?
University to replace clapping with hand-waving
6th October - "Harder"
Should we stop clapping to respect people with sensory issues?
Restaurants forced to give all tips to staff
4th October - "Easier"
What do you think about leaving a tip in a restaurant?
Baghdad University gets into world rankings
2nd October - "Harder"
How would attending a top university change your life?
French fries will be 3cm shorter
28th September - "Easier"
How important are French fries to you?
Rugby players to hide tattoos in Japan
24th September - "Harder"
What do you think of tattoos?
Restaurant bans customer for eating too much
20th September - "Easier"
Should people be able to eat as much as they want in buffet restaurants?
Tanzania's president advises against birth control
16th September - "Harder"
What would the world be like without birth control?
U.S. to spend $2 billion on artificial intelligence weapons
12th September - "Easier"
Do countries need weapons?
Nike uses NFL protest player in ad campaign
8th September - "Harder"
Should we have to stand for a national anthem?
Astronauts plug space station hole with finger
4th September - "Easier"
How important is the International Space Station?
Air pollution damages intelligence, says study
1st September - "Harder"
How can we stop air pollution damaging our intelligence?
Honey better for coughs than antibiotics
28th August - "Easier"
How good is honey as a medicine?
Australian Muslims pray for rain during Eid
25th August - "Harder"
How important is prayer
New Pakistan prime minister makes many promises
22nd August - "Easier"
Can a country's leaders ever keep his/her promises?
Are countries trying to end US dollar's power?
19th August - "Harder"
How important is the US dollar?
Tonga prime minster challenges leaders to lose weight
16th August - "Easier"
Should world leaders have to stay slim to discourage obesity?
French theme park uses crows to pick up litter
13th August - "Harder"
How can we use animals and birds to keep places clean?
UK politician says burka is 'bank robber' clothing
10th August - "Easier"
Why do people have so many opinions on the burka?
People get surgery to look like Snapchat filters
8th August - "Harder"
What do you think of apps that change your face in photos?
Scientists solve mystery of Stonehenge
6th August - "Easier"
How important are the world's ancient sites?
France bans smartphones in schools
4th August - "Harder"
Should smartphones be banned in schools?
Most British people take tea bags on holiday
2nd August - "Easier"
What comforts from home do you take on holiday with you?
Sleeping with a fan could be bad for us
31st July - "Harder"
Do you like sleeping with fans?

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