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Are countries trying to end US dollar's power?
19th August - "Harder"
How important is the US dollar?
Tonga prime minster challenges leaders to lose weight
16th August - "Easier"
Should world leaders have to stay slim to discourage obesity?
French theme park uses crows to pick up litter
13th August - "Harder"
How can we use animals and birds to keep places clean?
UK politician says burka is 'bank robber' clothing
10th August - "Easier"
Why do people have so many opinions on the burka?
People get surgery to look like Snapchat filters
8th August - "Harder"
What do you think of apps that change your face in photos?
Scientists solve mystery of Stonehenge
6th August - "Easier"
How important are the world's ancient sites?
France bans smartphones in schools
4th August - "Harder"
Should smartphones be banned in schools?
Most British people take tea bags on holiday
2nd August - "Easier"
What comforts from home do you take on holiday with you?
Sleeping with a fan could be bad for us
31st July - "Harder"
Do you like sleeping with fans?
Scientists record the sounds of the Sun
29th July - "Easier"
What do you think the Sun sounds like?
Doctors warn over application of suntan lotion
27th July - "Harder"
Why do people want to get a suntan?
University ends use of Mr, Ms and Mrs
25th July - "Easier"
Should we end the use of Mr, Ms, Miss, etc?
Moon landing items to be auctioned
23rd July - "Harder"
How much would you like to go to the Moon?
World's oldest bread recipe found
21st July - "Easier"
What do you think of the different kinds of bread?
New Mexico President takes 60% pay cut
19th July - "Harder"
Would you take a pay cut to help your country?
France win 2018 FIFA World Cup final
17th July - "Easier"
What do you think of the 2018 World Cup?
Flying "car" could be on sale next year
15th July - "Harder"
Will you be buying your own flying car?
Bright pink is the world's oldest colour
13th July - "Easier"
What do you think of the colour pink?
New-discovered Amazon wasp has giant stinger
11th July - "Harder"
How scary are insects that sting and bite?
Philippines president to resign if someone proves God exists
9th July - "Easier"
Can someone prove that God exists?
Internet fury at woman who killed giraffe
7th July - "Harder"
Should big game hunting be banned?
Thai soccer boys cave rescue planned
5th July - "Easier"
How scary would it be to be trapped in a cave?
TV razor ad shows real body hair for first time
3rd July - "Harder"
Should TV adverts be 100% honest?
China limits pay for movie stars
1st July - "Easier"
Do movie stars deserve to get multi-million-dollar salaries?
New nation of Asgardia established in space
29th June - "Harder"
What would it be like to live in space?
Singer calls world leaders "cowards" over refugee crisis
27th June - "Easier"
What should world leaders do about the refugee crisis?
Birds' stomachs too full of plastic to eat
25th June - "Harder"
How can we reduce plastic pollution?
Algeria turns off Internet to stop exam cheats
23rd June - "Easier"
What's the best way to stop exam cheats?
Ex-US soccer player criticized for supporting Mexico
21st June - "Harder"
Who will win the 2018 World Cup?
U.K. politician blocks passing of upskirting law
19th June - "Easier"
How can we stop people upskirting?

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