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Latest Lessons (9th December, 2018)


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UAE passport world's 'most powerful'
9th December - "Harder"
Should our passport allow us to enter any country visa-free?
Rare white reindeer photographed in Norway
7th December - "Easier"
Why do people associate reindeer with Christmas?
Court says 'Kiwi' is not a racist term
5th December - "Harder"
Should we stop using nicknames to refer to nationalities?
Algeria is the new 'cradle of civilization'
3rd December - "Easier"
Where did human society begin?
UN declares reggae a world cultural treasure
1st December - "Harder"
What do you think of reggae?
Work over 80 hours a week to change the world
29th November - "Easier"
What do you think of a 70-hour working week?
Dim the Sun to limit global warming, say scientists
27th November - "Harder"
Can we slow down global warming by dimming the Sun?
DNA could decide whether you like coffee or tea
25th November - "Easier"
Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Michelle Obama's book best-selling of 2018
23rd November - "Harder"
Would an autobiography of your life be a good book?
Conception to birth sculptures unveiled in Qatar
21st November - "Easier"
Is all art about making people think?
Elvis Presley gets Presidential Medal of Freedom
19th November - "Harder"
Who most deserves an award?
British Prime Minister battles to save Brexit
17th November - "Easier"
What do you think about Brexit?
Calls for ban on sugary 'freakshake' milkshakes
15th November - "Harder"
Would you like a 1,280-calorie freakshake milkshake?
Posting selfies on social media can be bad
13th November - "Easier"
Why is it a problem to use social media too much?
Colour photos to mark 100 years of end of WW1
11th November - "Harder"
Do you think we will always be able to avoid a World War III?
Disgusting Food Museum opens in Sweden
9th November - "Easier"
What is the most disgusting food?
U.S. re-imposes sanctions on Iran
7th November - "Harder"
Do you think the sanctions against Iran will work?
Lie detector tests at airports are coming
5th November - "Easier"
Would you be able to pass a lie detector test?
Babies of older fathers may be less healthy
3rd November - "Harder"
What is the oldest age at which a man should become a father?
Sixty per cent of wildlife gone since 1970
1st November - "Easier"
How can we stop the loss of wildlife in the world?
French climber banned from scaling UK buildings
30th October - "Harder"
Should people be allowed to climb skyscrapers?
Canada doctors using art to treat patients
28th October - "Easier"
How effective is art at healing people?
Huge migrant caravan heads to USA
26th October - "Harder"
What should a country's policy be towards accepting migrants?
Longest sea bridge links Hong Kong to China
24th October - "Easier"
What do you think of a bridge that goes around the world?
Sagrada Familia gets building permit 136 years late
22nd October - "Harder"
What is the world's greatest building?
'Mansize' tissues renamed for being sexist
20th October - "Easier"
Should all products have gender neutral names?
Mystery deepens over Khashoggi disappearance
18th October - "Harder"
What do you think of the Jamal Khashoggi story?
Nicer people are poorer, says study
16th October - "Easier"
Why might nicer people be poorer than people who aren't so nice?

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