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Man buys 5,000 people noodles for finding engagement ring
18th August - "Easier"
What is the best way to propose to someone?
Smiley face emojis could hurt your career
16th August - "Harder"
What do you think of using emojis in e-mails?
Man swims to work every day to beat traffic
14th August - "Easier"
What's the best way to beat the rush-hour traffic?
Trump fires up North Korea nuclear tensions
12th August - "Easier"
What will the North Korea-USA nuclear situation be like this time next year?
Nano-chips may heal organs with one touch
10th August - "Harder"
What science fiction medical technology would you like to come true?
Loneliness is becoming a big danger to health
8th August - "Easier"
How can we reduce loneliness in the world?
Charity warns against uploading photos of children
6th August - "Harder"
Is it wrong to upload photos of children on social media?
New NASA job to protect Earth from aliens
4th August - "Easier"
Would you be good at protecting the Earth from aliens?
Man paints own 'no parking' lines outside his house
2nd August - "Harder"
How can we stop people parking where they shouldn't?
Mobile phone ban while crossing roads in Honolulu
31st July - "Easier"
Should texting while walking be illegal?
Debate over US military transgender policy
29th July - "Harder"
What do you think of President Trump's tweet to ban transgender people in the US military?
London police given 1,000 acid attack kits
27th July - "Easier"
How can we stop people in the streets using acid as a weapon?
Alternate history of Singapore wins comics Oscars
25th July - "Harder"
What do you think of comic books and graphic novels?
Girl, 5, fined for selling lemonade
23rd July - "Easier"
Is it OK for a 5-year-old to sell lemonade?
Mechanic works 75 years to break record
21st July - "Harder"
Would you like to work until the age of 91?
Dirt is good for babies
19th July - "Easier"
How bad is dirt for babies and small children?
Water bears will survive until the Sun dies
17th July - "Harder"
Is there life in other parts of the universe?

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