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Online store slammed for selling Auschwitz skirts
11th May - "Harder"
Should all products that contain images that are in bad taste be banned?
Garbage collectors start library with abandoned books
9th May - "Easier"
Do we still need libraries with paper books?
Breakthrough in bio-printing of new body organs
7th May - "Harder"
Should we be making body organs?
Japan university to hire non-smoking staff only
5th May - "Easier"
Will we ever have a world in which no one smokes?
Could a friendly beluga whale be a spy?
3rd May - "Harder"
What do you think of whales and dolphins being used to help navies?
Japan has a new emperor
1st May - "Easier"
How important is it for a country to have a monarch?
Anti-vaxxers blamed for 300% rise in measles
29th April - "Harder"
How dangerous is the disease measles?
Premier League footballers earned $3.7bn last season
27th April - "Easier"
Should football players get paid so much?
Police arrest 1,000 Extinction Rebellion protestors
25th April - "Harder"
Do you think we should all join the Extinction Rebellion?
At least 207 die in Sri Lanka blasts
23rd April - "Easier"
When will terror attacks end?
Hero dad saves baby son from wild dingo
21st April - "Harder"
Who is the biggest hero you know personally?
One billion dollars promised to rebuild Notre Dame
19th April - "Easier"
What do you think of $1 billion being donated to help Notre Dame?
Japan starts nuclear fuel from Fukushima
17th April - "Harder"
Do we need nuclear power?
Name of new Star Wars movie announced
15th April - "Easier"
What do you think of Star Wars movies?
Astronomers release first ever photo of black hole
13th April - "Harder"
Why is it important we understand black holes?
Hidden camera in hotel room films family
11th April - "Easier"
How would you feel if you found a hidden camera in your hotel room?
Hip-hop is the best music to mature cheese
9th April - "Harder"
What is hip-hop music good for?
Huge 'Mission Jurassic' dinosaur dig to start
7th April - "Easier"
How important are dinosaurs to us?
Saudi capital city to get $23 billion makeover
5th April - "Harder"
How great is your capital city?
Japanese women rebel against high heels
3rd April - "Easier"
Why do companies require women to wear high-heeled shoes?
Passwords to be replaced by Web Authentication
1st April - "Harder"
How can we stay safe online?
Europe's cars to have speed limiters
30th March - "Easier"
Should the speed of all cars be limited?
Paper books better than e-books for bedtime stories
28th March - "Harder"
Which are better - paper books or e-books?
Head teacher has to clean school toilets
26th March - "Easier"
How much money should governments give schools?
Balloons deadliest plastic for seabirds
24th March - "Harder"
Should we stop using balloons to help save seabirds?
Business suits and ties worn less and less
22nd March - "Easier"
Should business people and office workers wear a suit and tie?
Cheaper rail tickets for Germany's women
20th March - "Harder"
Why can't governments make sure there is equal pay?
Anger over Christchurch video on social media
18th March - "Easier"
How can we stop the hate?
Boeing grounds 737 Max aircraft worldwide
16th March - "Harder"
How safe is flying?
Inventor of World Wide Web says it must change
14th March - "Easier"
How important is the Internet to you?
Dog walking can be harmful for older people
12th March - "Harder"
How good are dogs as pets?
Finland's government resigns
10th March - "Easier"
What do you think of your country's government?
Kylie Jenner becomes world's youngest billionaire
8th March - "Harder"
What would it be like to be rich and famous at 21?
Scientists gave mice night vision
6th March - "Easier"
Would you like to be able to see in the dark?

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