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Forget all the people gave you about not gossiping. Researchers have discovered that gossip may be good for our . Scientists from the University of California say that having a gossip has health benefits for the gossip and the listener. They say it can help control behaviour towards others and reduce levels. This means the office gossip may be of a help than a nuisance. However, it may the person being gossiped about more .

The scientists did a number of tests on people to see the of gossip on our brain. They asked those the test to listen to different of "pro-social" gossip – this is information and about untrustworthy people. Dr Robb Willer, co- of the study said: “Gossiping made them better….Gossip gets a rap, but we're finding evidence that it plays a critical in the maintenance of social order.” Maybe next time you’re feeling , you should pass on some juicy gossip.

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