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A woman in Belgium is a nightmare after a visit to a tattoo shop. Kimberly Vlaeminck, 18, has complained to the about tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz. Kimberly has 56 tattooed on her face. She said she only for three. She told reporters she fell asleep while her tattoos were put on. "I woke up when he was starting to tattoo my . I counted 56 stars. It’s frightening," she said. Mr. Toumaniantz said Kimberly got what she , saying: "She was awake and looked in the several times.” Kimberly now the tattoos removed.

I can’t imagine how Kimberly . Maybe she wanted the tattoos but then her mind when she looked in the mirror. Having a tattoo is a big . Most tattoos are for life. Once you have one, it’s to remove. You need a special operation to make it . People need to think about where to have a tattoo. A tattoo on your face is . You might not like it when you get older. Tattoos are really nowadays. Men and women now have them all over their body. It’s when you go to the beach. It’s like a moving art show.

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