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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Sailing World Record

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Good Luck.
A 17-year-old American is the person to sail around the world . His name is Zac Sunderland and he is from California. He comes from a family of sailors, so he up sailing. He sailed into a California harbour on Thursday, July 16th, completing his 45,000-km record-breaking . His family and friends his safe return. Zac crossed three , five seas, and the equator twice in just over 13 months. Many parts of his boat . He also had to from pirates. Zac said: “It’s been a crazy 13 months.”

I want to break that record now. It looks and great fun. I think it would be a really good . I’m not sure what I would do for 13 months alone on a boat. I would probably into the sea every day and swim. But I would soon get pretty of that. I’d have to think of other ways to the time. I think Zac Sunderland did really well. I why he did it. I bet he wanted his name in the Guinness Book of Records. He is a now. I guess I’ll see him on TV being interviewed. He showed that teenagers can do things.

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