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A new study says cats can control humans. The researchers that cats have a special cry when they are hungry. The sound is a between a purr and a high- cry. Cats make this “purr-cry” when they want food. The leader of the research team, Karen McComb, said humans find it difficult to a cat when it makes this sound. Many people think a cat only when it is happy. Ms. McComb said her new study shows cats purr for other too. She believes people a cat’s purr to a human baby’s cry.

I like cats a lot. I this new study was very interesting. Even people who had never a cat thought a cat cried because it wanted to be . It’s funny because I always thought humans cats. It might be the other way . I wonder if a cat knows it can control a human. I’m sure if it knew, it would get lots more and cat food. Maybe it could even get real fish of canned food. I had a dog once and I often thought it could control us. It was very clever. Perhaps cats are as clever.

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