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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on British Weather

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Good Luck.
Britain is getting for a heatwave. Weather forecasters say temperatures will to 33 degrees in the south. The hottest places will be London. The government has made a heatwave . There are four different . This week the weather people issued a Level 3 . This means that it is hot for two nights. The highest level is Level 4. This is called a “red emergency”. This happens when it is so hot that and healthy people can get ill or die. The heatwave will only a few days.

I can’t this. This is not a heatwave. There are hundreds of countries in the world that are than Britain. Those countries don’t have different levels. A real heatwave is when it’s over 45, like it was in India last month. That’s a heatwave. Lots of people die because of the . I think if it’s 45 degrees in England, most people will . Perhaps global warming will it will be that hot in the U.K one day. The weather all over the world is getting . Maybe it will snow in the Sahara Desert.

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