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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Iran Election

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Good Luck.
Iran voted. It was one of the most elections in the world. It was the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and man called Mir-Hossein Mousavi. Mr. Mousavi wanted to change many things in Iran. He said the laws in Iran are too . But, many people like Mr. Ahmadinejad. They think he is strong and he doesn’t to the U.S.A. Many people were about the election. Thousands of people in the streets. There were lots of about which person should win.

I think elections are difficult. It’s very to know who is best. All of the speak on television and they all say they want to help the people. This is great. The is that they do not keep their . Many people become president and then lots of money. I haven’t seen many presidents who help their people. There are lots of poor people in every country, so politicians are . The election in Iran is also . Many Americans want Mr. Ahmadinejad to . He wants to help poor people in Iran.

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