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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Beavers in Britain

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Good Luck.
Beavers from Great Britain over 400 years ago. Hunters the last British beavers in the sixteenth century. But now they are back. Last week, families of beavers were sent to Scotland from Norway. This is part of a project to beavers to the wild in Britain. The head of the project said it was a time for British . He said it was sad that beavers were in the U.K. But now he is happy. He hopes the new beavers will do the things beavers do well, like clear away that fall into rivers.

I think these beavers are very . They are no longer hunted in Britain, so this time they might . It’s lucky beavers were not all over the world. People have too many animals. I feel sad that we can’t see many extinct animals and birds. The thing is that more and more animals are out every day. In the future, we might not have and pandas and that will be . If people don’t stop hunting elephants and tigers, they might disappear too. I want to say good luck to the new beavers in Scotland.

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