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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on a Pakistan Bomb

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Good Luck.
In Pakistan, a car bomb in a city called Peshawar. More than ten people died and there were over 75 . It was a very powerful explosion. It went off a cinema on Friday evening. There were many people in the area who were the weekend. The blast nearby shops, hotels and parked cars. People heard it from kilometres away. Eye-witnesses said many people were sitting on the road in blood. They said it was like a scene from hell. Ambulances the injured to local hospitals.

In the past, Afghanistan was the country. Then it was Iraq, and now it’s Pakistan. It’s sad that some in Pakistan want to kill other people. Almost every day I the paper and there is another bomb. There are lots of wars and lots of around the world. I don’t understand why Pakistan has lots of . The Pakistani people I know are very . They wouldn’t even a fly. They also don’t why there is so much violence in their country. They told me they want to cry.

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