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ESL Lesson Activity on Roxana Saberi (US Journalist)

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Click this link, listen and type in the words in the spaces. Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

Good Luck.
Roxana Saberi is an American-Iranian . She is a little bit . She worked for the BBC as a reporter. However, when she went to Iran, she up in prison. The judge her to eight years. Iran’s government said she was a spy. The said the 31-year-old reporter was spying for America. Roxana said she was doing her job. She is very upset and angry. Her parents are also sad because their is in jail. President Obama wants Iran to release Roxana. He said it wasn’t to put her in prison.

I’m not if she is a spy. She doesn’t look like one. Spies have brief cases and special gadgets. She does have a camera and a tape recorder. Maybe she took some photos of places in Iran. If she did, the judge should tell people what she did. I think to be a journalist is a good way to be a spy. You can take lots of and videos. You can also get to presidents and army generals. That might be dangerous. Being a spy is an and interesting job. I don’t want to be a spy because it’s .

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