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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Somalia Pirates

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Good Luck.
Some Somali pirates an American ship’s captain . The captain’s name is Richard Phillips. He is captain of a big ship called the Maersk Alabama. Pirates his ship in the Indian Ocean, near Somalia’s . The pirates kidnapped the of the ship too. A day later, there was a fight between the crew and the hijackers. The crew , but the pirates took Richard Phillips away in a small boat. The U.S. Navy went to him. The FBI also went to help Richard Phillips. They killed three pirates. Mr. Phillips is now a .

I don’t know why the pirates took an American man . Maybe they wanted to his money. They could just take everything on the ship and sell it. That is than fighting the U.S. Navy. There was a lot of on the ship. I was worried about it. I thought it not get to the poor people in Africa. I was wrong. It did its destination. I also think the pirates are . They know they can’t win against the American Navy. Now they are dead. Now I am a bit worried now about the in Somalia. I hope the people are OK.

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