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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Malaysia Grand Prix

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Good Luck.
A Grand Prix was in Malaysia. It was on April the 5th. It was very exciting because there was a lot of . In fact, there was really rain. It was a monsoon. The racing car drivers couldn’t see . The rain was so strong, it was to drive. They stopped the race way through. Jenson Button was the winner. He is from England. World champion Louis Hamilton finished in seventh . His car wasn’t very fast. Jenson Button’s car was fast but other teams said he .

If I was there in the racing car, I would in ten seconds. I would like to drive a red and white car. They look nice when they go fast. They are very expensive. It is a real of money when they crash. I what they do with a car that crashes. I want a Grand Prix to to my town. I can only see a race on television. The races are always in different countries. I heard people can’t go to the race track. I heard a ticket is really, really, really expensive. That’s not . Poor people like motor racing too.

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