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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on German School Shooting

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Good Luck.
In Germany something happened at a school. An old student of the school went and killed 15 students and teachers. He also lots of people. He was only 17 years old. He died too. He a car and drove to a shopping centre. There was a between the police in a supermarket car park and the police him. No one knows why he did it. His father had a lot of guns in his house. The took one of the guns. His dad is in with the police now.
Why did he do it? I don’t why people shoot other people. It everywhere today. Every time I on the news there is another shooting. Sometimes I get worried. Maybe someone in my school will go . Usually someone wants . But if you are angry with someone, you should talk to them. People should talk more in this world. When I get angry with someone, everything is after we talk about things. I feel for the dead students. They just wanted to go to school to learn.


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